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Area: Uttarakhand to Himanchal 

Duration: 08 Days

Best Season: Round the year except July and August

Grade: Difficult

Altitude: 15,250 ft.

Total Trekking: 52 KMS

Day 1 — Dehradun - Dhaula (5,5000 ft) (Drive/210 km) (8 - Hours)

On the first day of your journey, you don’t have to trek but ride your way to Dhaula. The weather on the route will not be very cold but humid. Yet, the pleasant sights of the hills will keep up your enthusiasm for the more beautiful sight ahead. The roads till Dhaula are in good condition except for the last few kms where a narrow uneven patch is filled with mud.

On your route, you will able the see the clean water of Yamuna river flowing, pass through a unique village, myth logically known for the worshipping of Kaurawas there. The charming among the villages is Mori, the valley of meadows of marigold flowers. After your 8 hour ride, our team will serve you with a delicious meal to regain your energy.

Day 2 — Dhaula (5,500 ft) - Sewa (6,300 ft) (9 Km Trek 3 to 4 hours)

This day, enjoy the trek amidst rhododendron woodlands and fields. Post some hours of walking, you will arrive at Sewa. After a great day, spend the night in tents.

Day 3 — Sewa (6,300 ft) – Bawta (6,888 ft ) (6 Km Trek 4 to 5 Hours)

Today we will trek to Bawata , a challenging but rewarding climb. The final section is through beautiful deodar & walnut trees. Rising up from a deep gorge, Jhaka can be spotted through the forest perched high up on a neighbouring mountain. The Hanging Village gets its name from the way it seems to vertically climb the mountain itself, with your homestay balcony jutting right over the edge of the cliffs. 

Wooden bridge on the way, which is the border of Uttarakhand and Himanchal Pradesh

Day 4 — Bawta (6,888 ft ) – Jakha (8,700 ft) ( 5 Km Trek 6 to 7 Hours)

This day, brace yourself for an engaging route. As you make your way through some hamlets, get a fine whiff of their local culture and lives. Enjoy the way amidst mixed forests and initial sights of snowy ridges of Dhauladhar range. Arrive at Jakha, the final hamlet of the day that is also the highest in the region. Later in the night, retreat to your tents.

Day 5 — Jakha (8,700 ft) - Dandreyash Thach (11,680 ft) (11 Km Trek 8 to 6 Hours)

Today, you will be trekking to the dewy and charming meadows at Suruwas Thach. At first, traverse by the river and then climb amidst a jungle stretch to arrive at Rupin Valley's entrance. At this place, you can enjoy the initial sight of Rupin waterfall. The salubrious environs make the camp area a delightful one. Spend the night in tents.

Day 6 — Dandreyash Thach (11,680 ft) - Upper Waterfall Camp (13,120 ft) (4 Km trek 4 to 5 hours)

The altitude from Dhanderas to Upperwater fall camp is about 4000 meters which is enough to make you vulnerable to AMS. We shall take the necessary precautions to keep away from any altitude problems. Our team will also take a short session to teach you the skills of trekking in snow such as sliding on snow, sidestepping and cutting through the snow.

After proper acclimatization, you need to reach the base of Dhanderas, from there trek crossing through many rivulets of Rupin. Make your way to the snow patch of the first waterfall through the marigold flowers. After a steady and care full walk on the rocks along the hill you can now see a trail going in between through the thick snow.

Your learned techniques will come is use as you have to cut your path to another vast snow bridge. This is the last but the ultimate snow bridge offering you the Rupin Water coming just above head and getting down below your feet. A sharp but short climb after crossing the bridge and you are all set to get relaxed and enjoy your campsite.

Day 7 — Upper Waterfall Camp (13,120 ft) - Rupin Pass (15,124 ft) - Ronti Gad (13,420 ft) (9 Km Trek 8-9 Hours)

Begin early this day. Expect some challenges as you would have to ascend snowfields as well as a rocky path to arrive at the pass. Based on the situation, you might have to make use of ropes in some of the stretches. Conducive to snow, the ascend might take you around 4-6 hours. After a long day, retire for the night in tents.

Day 8 — Ronti Gad (13,420 ft) - Sangla (8,800 ft) – Simla (12 Km Trek 7 to 8 Hours)

This day, expect a long and strenuous climb downwards to Sangla. The trail though is a rewarding one with some spectacular views. Accompanying you is the vision of Kinner Kailash range along with the hamlets of Sangla valley that dot the region. Later on, you will be greeted by Baspa River that meanders in the valley. When at Sangla,

Location : Uttarakhand to Himanchal
Price : Starts from 9999.00
Duration : 08 Days

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